January 26 is Un-Australia Day!

Clubs Australia, the Australian Hotels Association and our casinos want you to believe that anything, anything that stops us spending $12 billion a year on the pokies is un-Australian.

This is possibly the stupidest claim made by the industry. Ever. But they’ve persevered with it.

Personally, I can’t see anything true blue about protecting a couple of hundred thousand machines that are programmed to win, instead of looking out for real people. You know… actual Australians.

So this Australia Day, give clubs, pubs and casinos the finger. Stay away from your local venue, just for the day. Send them a message.

Play beach cricket. Go for a drive. See a movie. Check out any of a number of Australia Day celebrations going on right around the country.

But just for the day, one day, don’t play a poker machine.

If these reforms are un-Australian… well, let’s make the most of un-Australia Day.

Spread the word.